• Texas Poormans Bass Club
  • est. 2004
  • More fishing, less BS!

No Meetings - all 2-day Tournaments - All anglers welcome!


We fish the best lakes in Northeast Texas. We've had members from DFW to Shreveport, Temple to Houston... EVERYONE is welcome!! Membership is only $30 per year and anyone can join at the ramp before any tournament. 100% of all membership fees go to the end of the year Classic tournament which is legendary for BIG payouts and all out good time!! Starting in 2024, every tournament is 2 days! More fishing, more fun! 90% of all entry fees are paid back to the fishermen at every single tournament, 10% goes to the classic fund. There are no monthly meetings, no points, and no angler of the year standings. This is perfect combination of an open team circuit mixed with a club atmosphere.



Congrats to Steve Martin and Bill Roten on winning 2 in a row! Pines was fishing pretty good for most even in the high water.


Next up is Lake Texoma, going out of Highport Marina, but trailering allowed like always.

2024 Schedule



1. Club Membership is $30 per year per person.
2. Tournament fees will be $200 (includes $40 big bass) per boat
3. Optional 7lb pot - $10 entry per Boat per day. So for 2 days, the 7 pount pot is $20 per boat. 1 member in boat must have fished one tournament in the present year to enter or if the balance is ZERO, any member can enter. If no one catches a 7lb + fish, the balance will roll to next tournament. If there is a balance after the last tournament, it will be added to the classic pot. Dead fish and late penalties apply. Tournament director has final determination on the legality of a fish in question. Because there are multiple TDs and tournaments spread out over a wide region, the rolling 7 pound pot may not always be available for immediate payout. If this situation occurs, the acting TD of the tournament where the pot is won will work out the details with the winner.


4. All entry fees will be placed in the Classic fund if no fish are caught by any team.
5. The winner takes all money if only 1 team catches fish.
6. Payout for all tournaments except the Classic is 90% total: 1-5 boats is 100%. 6-10 is 60%, 40%; 11-20 boats 50%, 30%, 20%; 21-30 boats 50%, 25%, 15%, 10%; 31 or more 45%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 5%. There will be one big bass paid per day at 50% of big bass pot. All payouts will be rounded to the nearest $5.
7. Classic payout: 1-10 boats is 50%, 30%, 20%; 11+ boats is 45%, 25%, 15%, 10%, 5%. There will be one big bass paid per day at 50% each. All payouts will be rounded to the nearest $5. Additional places and Big Bass money may be paid out depending on the 7lb pot rollover. This is determined by the TD.
8. There will be no money kept after the classic tournament. All membership fees will be put into the classic pot. There will be a classic Poorman's belt buckle, for each member of the winning team, cost deducted from the classic fund.


9. Texas Poormans requires at least 1 angler in the boat be over 18 years of age. If a team consists of 2 high school anglers under the age of 18, the team is allowed to have 1 additional passenger who will be considered the team's "Coach". The coach must be over 18 and CANNOT fish under any circumstances. A Coach must become a member of poormans by paying the yearly fee of $30 and must be in the boat for 2 tournaments to fish the classic, just like a normal angler 10. To qualify for the classic you must fish 2 out of 3 tournaments.
11. Classic lake will be determined by vote after the last regularly scheduled tournament weigh-in. Only members who are classic qualified may vote. You do not have to fish the last regular season tournament to participate in the vote, but must be present during the entire voting process. Each qualified member present will write down a lake on paper and place it into a bucket. 3 different lakes are randomly drawn and called out to all participating. To determine which of these 3 lakes is chosen, a second vote will be taken where each qualified member present will write down one of these 3 lakes on paper and place them into a bucket. The classic lake will then be determined by majority vote. A TD is responsible for making sure there is only one vote for each qualified member present. Please do not consider slot lakes or metroplex lakes for the classic, they are not generally well received by the vast majority of members. A lake with good 2 day facilities and less crowds is generally preferred.
12. Federal, state, and local laws must be observed during tournament hours. This includes all club rules. Failure to abide by federal, state, and local laws or club rules will result in no weight allowed for the tournament in which the infraction occurred. Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, and/or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing or the Texas Poormans Bass Club will be disqualified and shall forfeit all entry fees and/or prize money. Individuals disqualified for violating sportsmanship rules will forfeit their club membership for the balance of the year and only be considered for reinstatement upon reapplication the following year. Reinstatement of a previously disqualified member requires a 2/3rd majority confirmation of the members qualified for the Classic and this vote will be conducted at the Classic meeting. Any member displaying unsportsmanlike behavior may be barred from the club and all associated activities upon the signing of a petition by 10 members in good standing and a majority of the TDs. These signatures can be collected electronically. The above mentioned reinstatement rules apply.


13. Prefishing is allowed anytime with the following exceptions: 1. The tournament lake is off-limits after day/night 1 weigh-in at any 2 day/night tournament. 2. The Classic lake is off limits starting at dark the Sunday before the tournament to Friday at daylight. Friday prefishing is allowed during daylight hours.
14. Team will be ineligible to fish any tournament if either team member has guided or hired a guide on a tournament lake within 30 days prior to tournament date.

Tournament Rules

15. All Tournament Director decisions are final. A protest for rule violations must be made to the Tournament Director prior to money being awarded to the winning team. If it is a problem regarding the weight of a fish or bag of fish, the protest must be made prior to the fish in question being returned to the lake.
16. All Federal, State and Local laws apply including Length limits for all species of Bass. Species will be determined by Tournament Director.
17. Life Jackets must be worn while the boat is on plane with kill switch attached.
18. The limit will be five Bass per team. Any Contestant who possesses more than the tournament limit, unless actively culling, will have their catch for that day disqualified. Culling must be done immediately.
19. There will be .5 lb penalty for dead fish.
20. Any short fish brought to the scales to be weighed will be penalized .5 lbs and fish will not be counted toward total weight. You may check your close fish on the official bump board before turning the bag over to the tournament director for weighing.
21. Respect must be given to the other anglers regarding their fishing areas, no fishing within 50 yards of another angler without their permission.
22. Electronic communication with others, participants or otherwise, during tournament hours for the purpose of locating fish is prohibited.
23. No live bait or trolling with big motor.
24. No alcoholic beverages consumed until weigh-in is final. No illegal drugs will be tolerated.

Tournament Procedures

25. The Tournament Director has ruling in dangerous conditions.
26. Sign up time will be listed on the website schedule. Anyone not signed up by this time may not enter the tournament. This allows the TD and helpers to proceed to their fishing areas. Changes may be made to this rule based on safety, lake conditions, etc.
27. After signing up and paying entry fees, fishermen may have their livewells checked and can proceed to their first fishing spot at the TDs discretion
28. Trailering is allowed. We caution all fishermen to be careful, if they choose to travel on the water before safe light.
29. All fishermen may start fishing at the tournament start time listed on the www.texaspoormans.com web site and must stop fishing by the stop time. Any fisherman caught fishing before or after official time will be disqualified. Cell phone network time will be used.
30. Weigh-in starts when the TD is setup and ready, Do NOT bring your fish to the scales until weigh-in begins. The TD is an equal participant in the tournament and is allowed to fish until the stop fishing time. Teams should be in the weigh-in line no later than 30 minutes after the tournament stop time. Additional time to make it to weigh-in may be communicated by the TD prior to the tournament start depending on the size of the lake and conditions.

Tournament Director

31. Tournament Director - Organizes and executes all aspects of the Tournament including launch decisions, weighin, and disputes. All TD decisions are final. Ensures the Membership fund and 7lb pot balances based on entry and membership data throughout the season. Collects entries at the Ts and prepares the payouts at the Ts. there may be multiple TDs, backups and helpers on a voluntary basis.